Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm back

Here I am. Six year hiatus. Let's just call the first few posts all these years ago my false start. I am now a purposeful blogger. Watch this space

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A fair go?

Well, I actually sat down this afternoon and read the paper for a bit. There was a good article in the SMH weekend edition News Review about how we as a nation have become more and more reliant on welfare. And how we are now in a dangerous spiral where everyone is owed a living, and fewer and fewer tax payers are actually finding more and more 'dependants'. People are taking less responsibility for themselves, knowing that if things get really bad, someone will bail them out.
Australia is supposed to be a country where everyone is entitled to a fair go - doesn't this mean they will have opportunities to work hard so they can save some money, buy a home, raise a family and have access to decent healthcare and education, and build themselves some security for retirement.
Unfortunately many people still have these dreams, but without the 'work hard for the money' bit? There is little responsibility taken for ourselves. Our family, like thousands of Aussie families - work hard, earn enough money, pay for health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, put extra on our mortgage when we can.
And while it's devastating for Victorian families who have lost everything, why is it that it is now OK for all those people who did not take out home insurance to be given money to build a new home? I understand they are homeless and devastated and need help, and that we are a caring nation. And I know we have to help them, there is NO doubt about that.
BUT what about all those people who took responsibilty and paid home insurance premiums for years? Will they receive government assistance to repay that money? Will people who lose their homes in one off accidents be bailed out? Is this setting a precedent that will mean people take out less insurance and then head to the taxpayers purse to be bailed out?

There are so many people that need help. We all need to work hard and do our bit, so we can provide for those people who are truly in need. But the balance is only maintained if everyone who CAN chips in - not just everyone who wants to, if they can be bothered. We need to teach our kids (and quite a few adults) responsibility so that the next generation doesn't sit back with their hand out and wonder why the cupboard is bare!


Monday, January 5, 2009

stupid back

The family curse - pathetic excuse for a lower back. Perhaps could also be called pathetic excuse for abdominal muscles with which to support lower back. I call to task the extra lumbar vertebra which I possess, giving extra mobility / instability. Realistically I am overwieght and unfit. I am too young for this. Probably what my dad said when he suffered the same afflictions in his thirties before early forties surgery, or my sister who had her surgery last year mid thirties. I MUST lose weight, I MUST exercise to build cardio vascular fitness and muscle mass to support my bung skeleton. Otherwise, what is before me for the next four decades......


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

still here

Well it's been 7 months since I posted here. This year is flying so fast I may well have been asleep this whole time. Have gained a few more kg's and lost a thyroid gland since then. Have decided that getting oneself into such a state emotionally, that one falls apart physically is in no way healthy. So I am working on both emotional and physical health from here on in.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

little girls

We went to the wiggles concert this week, little J and I. She loved it. We bought the DVD and a new Dorothy toy. She is watching it now, and just came in and asked me to get her Balloh shoes for her, because she wanted to dance too. She has four 'babies' on a rug on the floor, inside a circle created by a pink feather boa. I just looked out to see her, with dressed pulled up to her chin (no undies on), one dorothy toy in each hand, held up to her bare boobs - she was feeding her babies.


Friday, March 7, 2008


I just re-read last month's last post. The vow of wearing the jeans again by Easter. This is now only 2 weeks away and the jeans are no closer. Tonight's bottle of wine won't help. Neither will tomorrow's.

A whole month?

I thought maybe I hadn't posted for a while - but a whole month? I apologise at the lack of committment this shows, especially from a newcomer like me.
Why did I not post.... I was making progress on my own personal journey, and then I found a quad in my shed. Not a not a person in a wheelchair but a 4WD bike (second hand ~$4+ grand during intial discussions). I had expressed my opinion that we should not buy it, and it was bought anyway and put in the shed (subsequently locked) and I was not informed. When I opened it to get out some folding chairs, in order to kick back on the lawn with a friend one unassuming friday night, drink wine, eat pizza and watch the kids eating theirs on the trampoline...... I was shocked and appalled. No words. Stunned. Been dealing with this, along with plethora of other issues, over the last weeks.
I missed the reunion for a number of reasons, but mostly didn't want to go because i feel overweight and out of control, grumpy, indecisive and downright lazy. This extra ten kg's I have acquired since November feels like an albatross around my whole body. But now I have booked a flight for a weekend in Sydney, to do the personalised, small scale reunion thing. Very much looking forward to it in a week's time.
I am pusuing clarity this past week. I am actively trying to still my mind to answer my big question, so I can deal with all this shite. When I remove this blockage in my system I know I will - feel better, "un-do" my sciatica/sore bum-hip, lose weight, exercise again.....
I have a completely full schedule this weekend - helping out at soccer rego day tomorrow, drinks tomorrow night, church sunday morning including leading sunday school, b'day party sunday arvo, friend staying sunday night, people for dinner monday night and next week lots of work to do...... so i have kicked off the weekend with a sly bottle of wine to myself tonight, cracked at 4.30pm tout seul. Oh, and J said he needed to go to over 9000 feet flying home tonight, to get over a dust storm. He was so high in his little plane he said he started to get woozy,dizzy, hypoxic and had to talk himself out of fainting (ie: plunging to his death)......
But i spent the day at a wiggles concert then 3 year old's birthday party at a play cafe and going to friday afternoon assembly - all good, wholesome friday family time

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